Ordindeks user application

Building a responsive user friendly web application


Project Details

Example of a beta application that could handle the information from the Ordindeks webcrawler project.
The idea of the application is to make a gather point for people who search for words and sentences for correction, meaning and usage. The application provide data from the web-crawler, but the idea is also to provide 1-click access to external free word and sentence services on the internet.

As an extra challenge I asked myself “what if it was magic?” every time I wanted to make a feature in the application

Features I made:

  • Availability on external resource is checked on hover of the link
  • Click to save link to pastebin
  • Click to save sentence to pastebin
  • 1-click look up word on external word services
04/01/2014 Link


  • Personal work
  • School assignment